Physical Science Course 2 – Chemistry: Chemical Reactions and Properties of Matter 22% of Milestones Assessment

This course contains the following lessons and topics:

Lesson 2.1 Chemical Bonds

  • PS Topic 2.1a Covalent Bonds
  • PS Topic 2.1b Predicting, Naming, & Writing Covalent Bonds
  • PS Topic 2.1c Ionic Bonds
  • PS Topic 2.1d Ionic vs. Covalent Bonds Properties
  • PS Topic 2.1e Writing & Predicting Binary Ionic Compounds
  • PS Topic 2.1f Binary Chemical Names & Formulas

PS Topic 2.2 The Law of Conservation of Matter

  • PS Topic 2.2a Types of Chemical Reactions
  • PS Topic 2.2b Balancing Chemical Reactions

PS Topic 2.3 Phases & Properties of Matter

  • PS Topic 2.3a Phases of Matter & Phase Changes Diagrams
  • PS Topic 2.3b Gas Laws

PS Topic 2.4 Properties of Solutions

  • PS Topic 2.4a Properties of Solutions
  • PS Topic 2.4b Factors Affecting Rates of Dissolving
  • PS Topic 2.4c Solubility Curves
  • PS Topic 2.4d Acids & Bases

Course 2 Assessment: Bonding, Naming, Law of Conservation of Matter, Phases & Properties of Matter, Properties of Solutions


In this second course of physical science you will learn about chemical bonds, the law of conservation of matter, phases and properties of matter, and properties of solutions. We start off with properties of covalent and ionic bonds and cover material all the way through to analyzing solubility curves and acids and bases. Be prepared to learn and assess on a large variety of content and material dealing with chemical bonds, conservation of matter, phases and properties of matter and properties of solutions. We look forward to seeing you soon in course 3 – Energy, Force, and Motion!

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