Physical Science Course 4 – Physics: Waves, Electricity, and Magnetism 22% of Milestones Assessment

This course contains the following lessons and topics:

Lesson 4.1 Properties of Waves

  • PS Topic 4.1a Wavelength, Frequency & Energy
  • PS Topic 4.1b Electromagnetic vs. Mechanical Waves
  • PS Topic 4.1c Wave Behavior
  • PS Topic 4.1d Speed of Sound & Light Waves and The Doppler Effect

Lesson 4.2 Electricity & Magnetism

  • PS Topic 4.2a Voltage, Current & Resistance
  • PS Topic 4.2b Series & Parallel Circuits
  • PS Topic 4.2c Electricity & Magnetism



In this fourth and final course of physical science you will learn about properties of waves, electricity, and magnetism. We start off with wavelength, frequency, energy and electromagnetic vs. mechanical waves and cover material all the way through to the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Be prepared to learn and assess on a large variety of content and material dealing with properties of waves, electricity, and magnetism. Thank you for taking our fourth and final course for physical science. We wish you much success and continued excellence in your academic pursuits!

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