5th Grade Science Course 1: Dynamics of Classification (S5L1, S5L2)

Lesson 1.1 Grouping Organisms (S5L1)

Lesson 1.2 Inherited vs. Acquired Characteristics (S5L2)

5th Grade Science Course 2: Cells & Microorganisms (S5L3, S5L4)

Lesson 2.0 Introduction to Cells

Lesson 2.1 Compare & Contrast the Parts of Plant and Animal Cells (S5L4)

Lesson 2.2 Beneficial vs. Harmful Microorganisms (S5L4)

5th Grade Science Course 3: Chemical & Physical Changes (S5P1)

Lesson 3.1 Chemical & Physical Changes (S5P1)

5th Grade Science Course 4: Energy Transfer through Electricity & Magnetism (S5P2, S5P3)

Lesson 4.1 Electricity (S5P2)

Lesson 4.2 The Relationship Between Electricity & Magnetism (S5P3)

5th Grade Science Course 5: Earth & Changes Over Time (S5E1.)

Lesson 5.1 Shaping of Earth's Surfaces (S5E1. a)

Lesson 5.2 Modeling Constructive & Destructive Processes that Shaped Earth (S5E1. b)

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